L'Antica Osteria

Restaurant in Montone

A famous restaurant in one of the most charming old villages in Italy, L’Antica Osteria Montone is a renowned destination for anyone passionate about good food and good wine.

Our unique location and flavors from our kitchen will allow you to experience the history of Montone and let you taste the culinary tradition of a medieval village famous for historical figures from the 14th century such as the Condottiero Fortebraccio Da Montone.

Our philosophy is based on high-quality and the seasonality of produce. This is way put lots of attention when searching for fresh, local food.

We offer you a high-level menù with specially selected and locally sourced ingredients and dishes that enhance the excellence of our Umbria. A wide selection of cheeses and cold cuts, homemade fresh pasta, meat specialties and dishes where truffle is the main protagonist: every one of our dishes will take you to the discovery of unique flavors.



Address: P.zza Fortebraccio 5/6 – 06012 Montone (PG)
Telephone: 0759306271 – 3388850138
Mail: info@lanticaosteria.it
Website: www.lanticaosteria.it

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