Works by Pietro Vannucci in Italy and all over the world

On the footsteps of the Master

Christ Crucified between Saints Jerome and Anthony the Abbot 113x149 cm1470-1474Chiesa di Santa Maria ArgianoWork stolen in 1970. It was painted with Andrea del Verrocchio
Visitation with Saint Annetempera on board32×34 cm1472-1473 circaGalleria dell'AccademiaFirenzeCertamente proveniente da una predella di una perduta pala d'altare
Madonna with saintsfresco1479-1480Cappella della Concezione dell'antica Basilica vaticanaCittà del VaticanoDestroyed
Assumption with Sixtus IV kneelingfresco1481-1482Cappella SistinaCittà del VaticanoDestroyed
Birth and finding of Mosesfresco1481-1482Cappella SistinaCittà del VaticanoDestroyed
Nativityfresco1481-1482Cappella SistinaCittà del VaticanoDestroyed
Popes' portraitsfresco1481Cappella SistinaCittà del VaticanoIn bad condition, with repainting
Delivery of keysfresco335×550 cm1481-1482Cappella SistinaCittà del Vaticano
Baptism of Christfresco335×540 cm1482Cappella SistinaCittà del VaticanoPainted together with Pinturicchio
Travel of Moses to Egypt and Circumcision of his son Eliezerfresco350×572 cm1482 ca.Cappella SistinaCittà del VaticanoPainted together with Pinturicchio
Prayer in the gardenoil on board166x171 cm1483-1495Galleria degli UffiziFirenzePainted for the church of the convent of San Giusto at the walls of the Ingesuati friars, together with the Pietà and a Crucifixion. Vasari saw these panels on the side altars of the church of San Giovanni Battista della Calza, where they had been transferred after the other church, as is known, was destroyed in 1529 during the siege of Florence.
Crucifixionoil on board203x180 cm1483-1495Galleria degli UffiziFirenzePainted, together with Luca Signorelli, for the church of the convent of San Giusto alle mura of the Ingesuati friars.
Pietàoil on board168x176 cm1483-1493Galleria degli UffiziFirenzePainted for the church of the convent of San Giusto alle mura of the Ingesuati friars.
Annunciation of Fanooil on board212x172 cm1488-1490Chiesa di Santa Maria NuovaFanoToday the attribution to Perugino has been questioned by some scholars, considering this painting a possible early work by Raffaello Sanzio.
Madonna with Child1490Museo di CapodimonteNapoli
Polyptych Albani Torloniatempera on board174x88 cm1491Villa Albani RomaThe work was commissioned in Rome by Cardinal Giuliano della Rovere, the future Pope Julius II.
Madonna and Child Enthroned with Saints John the Baptist and Sebastianoil on board178x164 cm1493Galleria degli UffiziFirenzeThe portrait of Chiara Fancelli, with her narrow mouth and sharp chin, appears in the effigy of the Madonna. Perugino had married her in 1493.
The Last Soupfresco440x800 cm1493-1496Convento di FulignoFirenzeThe convent of Fuligno took the name of the Franciscan nuns from Umbria who occupied it starting from 1419.
Portrait of Francesco delle Opereoil on board52x44 cm1494Galleria degli UffiziFirenze
Madonna and Child Enthroned between Saints John the Evangelist and Augustinetempera on board1494Chiesa di Sant'AgostinoCremona
Crucifixionfresco480x812 cm1494-1496Ex convento di Santa Maria dei PazziFirenze
St. Bernard welcomes Christ as he detaches himself from the crossfresco247x145 cm1494-1496Ex convento di Santa Maria dei PazziFirenze
Lamentation over the dead Christoil on board220x195 cm1495Galleria PalatinaFirenzeThe painting was done for the Poor Clare nuns of the convent of Santa Chiara.
Portrait of a young manoil on board37x26 cm1495Galleria degli UffiziFirenze
Saint Benedictoil on board1495-1498Pinacoteca VaticanaCittà del VaticanoFrom the Polyptych of San Pietro
Santa Flavia
San Placido
Madonna of the sackoil on board88x66 cm1495-1500Galleria Palatina di Palazzo PittiFirenzeThe painting is generally considered an autographed replica of the Madonna della Pala of the Certosa di Pavia.
Altarpiece of Fanooil on board262x215 cm without coping1497Chiesa di Santa Maria NuovaFanoSome have hypothesized that the young Raphael also contributed to the pictorial drafting.
Altarpiece of Senigalliatempera on board226x279 cm1497Chiesa di Santa Maria delle GrazieSenigalliaCurrently kept on display in the Diocesan Art Gallery of Senigallia due to the unavailability of the Church.
Madonna with Childoil on board44x34 cm1497Galleria BorgheseRoma
Lamentationfresco1497Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di FirenzeFirenze
Resurrection of San Francesco al Pratooil on board233x165 cm1499Pinacoteca VaticanaCittà del VaticanoThe work owes its name to the church of San Francesco al Prato in Perugia, where it originally comes from.
Alterpiece of Vallombrosaoil on board415x246 cm1500Galleria dell'AccademiaFirenzeThe painting was commissioned from Perugino for the high altar of the Vallombrosa abbey
Portrait of Biagio Milanesioil on board28x26 cm1500Galleria dell'AccademiaFirenzeIt was reunited in 2013 at the Vallombrosa Altarpiece after having been in the Uffizi Gallery for a long time.
Portrait of the monk Baldassarreoil on board26x27 cm
Mary Magdaleneoil on board47x34 cm1500Galleria PalatinaFirenzeIt was in the past attributed to Raphael.
Saint Sebastianfresco1500Duomo di FiesoleFiesole
Madonna in glory and saintsoil on board152x124 cm1500-1501Pinacoteca nazionaleBolognaThe work comes from the church of San Giovanni in Monte, where it decorated the Scarani chapel.
Polyptych of the Annuntiationoil on board334x225 cm1504-1507Galleria dell'AccademiaFirenzePart of the Annunziata Polyptych
Assumption of the Virgin333x218 cm1506Basilica della Santissima Annunziata
Saint Sebastianoil on board110x62 cm1506Galleria BorgheseRoma
Crucifixionoil on board400x289 cm1506-1507Chiesa di Sant'AgostinoSienaPart of the Chigi Altarpiece
San Filippo Benizioil on board79x62 cm1507Galleria nazionale d'Arte antica di Palazzo BarberiniRoma
Vault of Stanza dell'incendio di Borgofrescoes1508Stanze di Raffaello dei Musei VaticaniRoma
Assumptiontempera on board500x300 cm1509-1509duomo di NapoliNapoli
Alterpiece of San Sepolcrooil on board332,5x266 cm1510duomo di SansepolcroSansepolcroThe work faithfully reproduced the scheme of the central compartment of the Polyptych of San Pietro, i.e. the Ascension of Lyon, with few variations and with a notable intervention by the workshop.
Madonna with Child and San Giovannino known as Madonna del Cardellinotempera and oil on board1513Collegiata di San Giovanni BattistaCantiano
Christ of the Passiontempera and oil on board20,9 cm diameter1520Pinacoteca civica Fortunato DurantiMontefortino
St. Jerome Penitent with the Child Jesus and St. John the Baptistoil on boardGalleria nazionale d'Arte antica di Palazzo BarberiniRoma
Madonna Gambier Parrytempera on board57,1x77,3 cm1470 ca.Courtauld InstituteLondon
Birth of the Virgin18,6x41 cm1472Walker Art Gallery LiverpoolOriginally it formed part of the predella of a lost altarpiece dedicated to the Virgin, which also included the Miracle of the Snow today at Polesden Lacey (Surrey).
Snow miracletempera on board18,7x40 cm1472Polesden LaceyGreat Bookham (Surrey)Originally it formed part of the predella of a lost altarpiece dedicated to the Virgin, of which the Birth of the Virgin now in the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool was also a part.
San Girolamo che resuscita il cardinale Andrea, Cristo morto e San Girolamo che assiste due giovani impiccati ingiustamente1473 ca.Musée du LouvreParisThe triptych comes from the church of San Domenico in San Gimignano, officiated by the Dominicans, where it was probably commissioned by the bishop of Cagli Bartolommeo Bartoli.
Trittico Galitzinoil on board1485National Gallery of Art Washington
Ritratto di Lorenzo di Credidipinto a olio trasferito su tela44x30,5 cm1488National Gallery of Art WashingtonBefore the painting was transferred to canvas, the inscription "Lorenzo di Credi, the most excellent painter, 1488, age 32 years, 8 months", probably added in the 16th century, was legible on the wooden support, which for years led us to think it was of the artist's signature, perhaps of a self-portrait. Today it is rather believed that the inscription wanted to remember the subject and the stylistic analysis has brought the painting closer to the ways of Perugino, Lorenzo's workshop companion under the common master Verrocchio.
San Sebastianooil on board174x88 cm 1490 ca.NationalmuseumStockholm
Apollo e Dafnioil on board39x29 cm1490-1492 Musée du LouvreParisThe painting is generally indicated as one of the most representative of Lorenzo the Magnificent's commission.
Tondo della Vergine col Bambino tra due sante e due angelioil on board148 cm diametro1490-1492Musée du LouvreParis
San Girolamo penitenteoil on canvas79x58 cm1491Hampton Court London
Madonna con Bambino tra Santa Caterina d'Alessandria e una santaoil on board86,5x63 cm1493Kunsthistorisches MuseumViennaThe work was taken from a cardboard used for various Madonnas, including that of the Louvre, with a few variations, and that of Frankfurt, reversed. There is also a copy, considered by some to be from a workshop, by others autographed, in the Palatine Gallery in Florence, with slight differences.
Apparizione della Vergine a San Bernardooil on board173x170 cm1488-1489Alte PinakothekMunichThe altarpiece comes from the Nasi chapel in Santa Maria Maddalena de' Pazzi.
San Sebastianooil on board53,3x39,5 cm1493-1494Ermitage Saint Petersburg
San Sebastianooil on board176x116 cm1495Musée du LouvreParis
Pietà 1495National Gallery of IrelandDublin
Ascensioneoil on board280x216 cm1496-1500Musée des Beaux-ArtsLyonPart of the Polyptych of San Pietro
Eterno benedicente con cherubini e angeli114x230 cm
Adorazione dei Magi32x59 cmMusée des Beaux-ArtsRouen
Battesimo di Cristo
Tondo di GeremiaMusée des Beaux-ArtsNantes
Tondo di Isaia
Madonna col Bambino e San Giovanninooil on board73x52 cm1497Städelsches KunstinstitutFrankfurt am Main
SEPULCRUM CHRISTI, Cristo Morto con Giuseppe di Arimatea e Nicodemooil and tempera on board92,6x71,8 cm1498Sterling and Francine Clark Art InstituteWilliamstown
Polittico della Certosa di Paviaoil on board114x63,5 il pannello centrale, 114,7x56,6 quello sinistro e 113,3x56,5 quello destro1499National Gallery LondonThe upper panel is still in the Certosa di Pavia
Ultima Cena18x121 cmGemäldegalerieBerlinPredella of the Tezi Altarpiece
Madonna con Bambino tra i santi Giovanni Battista e Caterina d'Alessandriaoil on board81x63 cm1500 ca.Musée du LouvreParis
Madonna col Bambinotempera on board80,7x77,3 cm1500 ca. Detroit Institute of ArtsDetroit
Sant'Agostino con i membri della Confraternita di Perugiaoil on board95×64 cm1500 ca.Carnegie Museum of ArtsPittsburgh
San Sebastianooil on board transferred on canvas76,7×53,4 cm1500 ca.Princeton University Art MuseumPrinceton
Famiglia della Madonnaoil on board296×259 cm1500-1502Musée des Beaux-ArtsMarseille
Predella con storie di Cristotempera on board transferred on canvas1500-1505 circaArt Institute of ChicagoChicago
Resurrezione di Cristotempera on board26,7×45,7 cm1500-1505Metropolitan Museum New York
Tobiolo con l'arcangelo Raffaeleoil and tempera on board113,3×56,5 cm1500-1505National GalleryLondon
San Sebastiano della colonnaoil on board117x120 cm1500-1510Museu de ArteSan Paulo
Madonna col Bambinooil on board70,2x50 cm1498National GalleryWashington
Sposalizio della Vergineoil on board234x185 cm1501-1504Musée des Beaux-ArtsCaenThe work was originally painted for the Chapel of the Holy Ring in the Cathedral of Perugia, where the relic of the Virgin's wedding ring was kept.
Santi Filippo e Agostinooil on board173x91 cm1502-1512Musée des AugustinesToulouseFrom the Polyptych of Sant'Agostino (first phase)
Santi Ercolano e Giacomo MaggioreMusée des Beaux-ArtsLyon
Vergine annunciatalost
Lotta tra Amore e Castitàtempera on board160x191 cm1503Musée du LouvreParisIt was originally painted for Isabella d'Este's studiolo in the Castello di San Giorgio in Mantua.
Madonna con santi adorante il Bambinooil on board87x72 cm1503Pierpont Morgan LibraryNew York
Quattro figure di nudi maschilioil on board71x52 cm1505National Gallery of ScotlandEdimburg
Madonna con san Giovannino e due angeli adoranti il Bambinooil on board1505Musée des Beaux-ArtsNancy
Madonna col Bambino e san Giovanninooil on board67x44 cm1505-1510National GalleryLondon
Madonna di Loretooil on board185,5x125,5 cm1507Victoria and Albert MuseumLondonThe work probably had a predella, now in the National Gallery of Umbria.
Santi Irene e Sebastianooil on board189x95 cm1513-1523Musée des Beaux-ArtsGrenobleFrom the Polyptych of Sant'Agostino (second phase)
Santo giovane con spada (San Giuliano?)Musée du LouvreParis
San Bartolomeo89,5×74,8 cmBirmingham Museum & Art GalleryBirmingham
San Giovanni Evangelista dolenteoil and tempera on board21,3 cm diametro1520North Carolina Museum of ArtRaleigh
Vergine dolenteoil and tempera on board20,5 cm diametro1520North Carolina Museum of ArtRaleigh
Adorazione dei pastorifresco transferred on canvas254,5x598 cm1523Victoria and Albert MuseumLondon
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