Works by Signorelli in Italy and all over the world

On the Master's footsteps

Sacristy of San Giovannifresco238×200 cmc. 1477–1480Sagrestia di San Giovanni (o della Cura), Basilica della Santa CasaLoreto
Dispute over the body of Mosesfrescoc. 1481–1482Cappella SistinaCittà del VaticanoSignorelli's work was already damaged in the 16th century and was completely repainted in 1574 by Matteo da Lecce.
Testament and death of Mosesfresco350x572 cmc. 1481–1482Cappella SistinaCittà del VaticanoAlthough the presence of Signorelli is undeniable, it presents some attribution doubts and most of the pictorial drafting is attributed to Bartolomeo della Gatta
Flagellation (Front of Banner of Flagellation)tempera on board84x64 cm1475Pinacoteca di BreraMilanoPainted for the Confraternity of the Recommended of Santa Maria del Mercato in Fabriano (church destroyed)
Our Lady of the Milk in Glory (reverse of the Banner of the Flagellation)
Holy Family of the Guelph Partyolio su tavola124 cm di diametroc. 1487–1488Galleria degli UffiziFirenze
Madonna with Child between nudestempera on board31x70 cm1490Galleria degli UffiziFirenzeMade for the Medici villa of Castello
Holy family with a sainttempera on board89 cm di diametroc. 1490–1495Galleria Palatina di Palazzo PittiFirenze
Annuciationtempera on board282×205 cmc. 1491Pinacoteca e Museo CivicoVolterra
Enthroned Virgin and Saintstempera on board302×233 cm1491Pinacoteca e Museo CivicoVolterra
Madonna and Child with Saints Jerome and Bernardtempera on board112 cm di diametro1492-1493Galleria Corsini di Palazzo Corsini al ParioneFirenzeThere is a larger autographed replica of the work, the Tondo Baduel in the Bandini Museum in Fiesole.
Portrait of Vitellozzo Vitellioil on board42x33 cm1492-1496Collezione Berenson di Villa I TattiFirenzeThe work was part of a sort of diptych with the Portrait of Niccolò Vitelli, father of Vitellozzo, lord of Città di Castello. It was built during one of Luca's stays in the Umbrian city, between 1492 and 1496.
Tondo Badueltempera on board155 cm di diametro1492-1500Museo BandiniFiesole (FI)The work, which comes from the Baduel collection in Castel di Poggio, is a larger autographed replica of the Madonna and Child with Saints Jerome and Bernard in the Corsini Collection in Florence. It is generally indicated as a work derived from the latter, with a more marked presence of the workshop.
Crucifixion (front of the Gonfalone dello Spirito Santo)tempera on canvas156x104 cm1494Galleria Nazionale delle MarcheUrbinoThe work was painted for the Confraternity of the Holy Spirit in Urbino in 1494 and was intended to be carried in procession during public functions.
Descent of the Holy Spirit (back of the Banner of the Holy Spirit)
Madonna of Mercy with San Sebastiano and San Bernardino of Sienatempera on board1495-1505Museo diocesano d'Arte SacraPienza
Allegory of Fertility and Abundancetempera on board58x105,5 cm1500Galleria degli UffiziFirenze
Crucifix with the Magdalenetempera on board 247×165 cm 1502-1505Galleria degli UffiziFirenzeDuring the 1953 restoration, a drawing of Saint Jerome was found on the back of the canvas, protected by a second canvas that supports the painting which, if necessary, can be removed to see the drawing.
Crucifixion (front of the Banner of the Crucifixion)tempera on canvas212x157 cm1502-1505Chiesa di Sant'Antonio AbateSan Sepolcro
Saints Anthony and Eligius with kneeling brothers
Flagellationtempera on board42x34 cm1505Ca' d'OroVenezia
Polyptych of Arceviatempera on board393x315 cm1507Collegiata di San MedardoArcevia
Madonna and Child, the Trinity, Saint Augustine and Saint Athanasius of Alexandriatempera on board272x180 cm1510Galleria degli UffiziFirenze
Saint Catherine of Alexandriatempera on board31x43 cm1512Museo Horne FirenzePerhaps it was part of the predella of the Communion of the Apostles.
Coronation of the Virgin with Angels and Saints1523Collegiata dei Santi Martino e LeonardoFoiano della Chiana (AR)
Madonna and Child with Saintstempera on board357x248 cm1519-1523Museo Statale d'Arte Medievale e ModernaArezzo
Coriolanus convinces his family to spare Romefresco125.7×125.7 cm1509National Gallery LondonFrom the Palazzo del Magnifico, in Siena
Triumph of Chastity and Love Defeatedfresco125×133.4 cm1509National Gallery LondonFrom the Palazzo del Magnifico, in Siena
Nativity of the Baptistoil on board31×70 cmc. 1485–1490Museo del LouvreParisThe work is part of a predella of an unspecified altarpiece. It has been in the Louvre since 1824, when it was purchased on the antiques market. The predella compartment has been definitively placed in relation to the Sant'Onofrio Altarpiece in the Perugia cathedral.
Saints Catherine of Siena, Mary Magdalene and Jeromeoil on board146,5x75,5 cmc.1489-1490GemäldegalerieBerlinRight side of the predella of the dismembered Pala Bichi.
Saints Augustine, Catherine of Alexandria and Anthony of Padua
Figures in a Landscape: Two Male Nudesoil on board67,9x41,9 cm1489-1490Museo d'ArteToledo (US)Right side of the predella of the dismembered Pala Bichi.
Figures in a landscape: man, woman and childoil on board67,9x41,9 cm1489-1490Museo d'ArteToledo (US)Right side of the predella of the dismembered Pala Bichi.
Christ in the house of Simon the Phariseeoil on board26x90 cm1489-1490Galleria NazionaleDublinRight side of the predella of the dismembered Pala Bichi.
Lamentation over the dead Christoil on board30x120 cm1489-1490Pollok HouseGlasgowRight side of the predella of the dismembered Pala Bichi.
Martyrdom of Saint Catherine of Alexandriaoil on board29x92 cm1489-1490Clark Art InstituteWilliamstoneRight side of the predella of the dismembered Pala Bichi.
Education of Pantempera on board194x254 cm1490Flakturm FriedrichshainBerlinoLost work. It was one of 417 paintings that were irreparably destroyed in the fire of the Flakturm Friedrichshain, which broke out during the Second World War.
Circumcisionoil on board trnsferred con canvas258,5x180 cm1490-1491National Gallery LondonIt is signed and was originally made for a church in Volterra. The infant Jesus seen today is a modification of Sodom
Marriage of the Virginoil on board21,6x48 cm1490-1491National Gallery of ArtWashington DC
Holy Familyoil on board80.6×64.8 cm1490-1495National GalleryLondon
Adoration of the Shepherdsoil on board17.1×64.8 cm1490-1510National GalleryLondonSize and shape suggest that it was originally part of a predella, but the decorative elements of the frame more likely suggest that it was an image in its own right.
Portrait of a mantempera on board50×32 cm1492GemäldegalerieBerlino
Head of a Boytempera on board26×20.5 cm1492-1493Philadelphia Museum of ArtPhiladelphia
Madonna with Childtempera on board87 cm di diametro1492-1498Alte PinakothekMunich
Portrait of Niccolò Vitellitempera on board42×33 cm1492-1498Barber Institute of Fine ArtsBirmingham
Assumption of the Virgin with Saints Michael and Benedictoil on board170,8×131,4 cm1493-1496Metropolitan Museum of ArtNew York
St. George and the dragonoil on board55×77.5 cm1495-1500RijksmuseumAmsterdam
Adoration of the Magioil on board transferred on canvas331×245 cm1495Museo del LouvreParis
Adoration of the Shepherdsoil on board215×170.2 cm1496National GalleryLondonThe work was probably the second painted by Signorelli in Città di Castello, after the Adoration of the Magi. It was originally located in the church of San Francesco.
Crucifixiontempera and oil on board72.5×101.3 cm1504-1505National Gallery of ArtWashington DC
Man on a ladderoil on board88.3×52 cm1504-1505National GalleryLondonIt was part of an altarpiece depicting the Lamentation of Christ at the foot of the Cross made for the altar of the Church of Sant'Agostino in Matelica.
Madonna with Childtempera on board51×48 cm1507Metropolitan Museum of ArtNew York
Coronation of the Virginoil on board127×223 cm1508San Diego Museum of ArtSan Diego
Holy Family with Saints Zacharias, Elizabeth and John the Baptistoil on board70 cm di diametro1512GemäldegalerieBerlin
Madonna and Child with Saintsoil on board265×193 cm 1515National GalleryLondonIt is signed and dated. It was made for the Chapel of Santa Cristina di Bolsena in the Church of San Francesco a Montone
Esther before Ahasuerus and Three Episodes from the Life of Saint Jeromeoil on board29.5×212.5 cm1519-1522National GalleryLondon
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