Polyptych of St. Peter

Pietro Vannucci known as Il Perugino ⠂Perugia

Sant'Ercolano (predella)
San Pietro Vincioli (at the base of the columns)
Sant Scolastica (at the base of the columns)
San Costanzo (predella)

Name: Polyptych of St. Peter

Year: 1496-1500

Technique: oil on board

Dimensions: 33×28,5 cm (San Pietro Vincioli), 32×28 cm (Santa Scolastica); 32*38 cm (Sant’Ercolano and San Costanzo)

Storage place: Galleria Nazionale dell’Umbria

City: Perugia

Area: GAL Media Valle del Tevere

Curiosità: Initially it was located in the Abbey of San Pietro in Perugia. The rest of the Polyptych is divided between Lyon, Rouen, Nantes and the Vatican City.

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