Stories of Saint Benedict

Luca Signorelli ⠂Asciano

How Benedict sends Maurus to France and Placido to Sicily (repainted by Riccio)
How God punishes Florence
How Benedict evangelizes the inhabitants of Montecassino
How Benedetto drives the enemy over the stone
How Benedetto resurrects the little monk whose wall had fallen on him
How Benedict tells the monks where and when they had eaten outside the monastery
How Benedict reproaches the monk's brother Valerian for violating his fast
How Benedetto discovers the fiction of Totila
How Benedict recognizes and welcomes Totila

Nome: Stories of Saint Benedict (west side)

Year: 1497-1498, then Sodoma finished the painting after 1505

Technique: fresco

Dimensions: 288×175 cm

Storage place: Abbazia di Monte Oliveto Maggiore

City: Asciano

Curiosità: It is one of the most complete descriptions of the life of St. Benedict, composed of thirty-five scenes, based on the narrative of St. Gregory the Great. The cycle was commissioned to Signorelli by the abbot and general of the Olivetans, Fra Domenico Airoldi. Signorelli, who worked on it with his workshop from 1497 to 1498, called to work on the most prestigious commission for the Chapel of San Brizio in the Cathedral of Orvieto, abandoned the work. It was then completed by Sodoma from 1505, called by Airoldi who in the meantime had been re-elected superior of the monastery. The last scene (“How Benedict resuscitates a child”) was almost completely lost due to the enlargement of the entrance door.
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