Trinity and Saints

Pietro Vannucci known as Il Perugino ⠂Perugia

Name: Trinity and Saints

Year: 1505-1508: Raphael’s intervention; 1521: Perugino’s intervention

Technique: fresco

Dimensions: 175×389 cm

Storage place: complesso conventuale della Chiesa di San Severo

City: Perugia

Area: GAL Media Valle del Tevere

Curiosità: The small chapel, currently adjacent to today’s church dating back to the 18th century, was once part of the left aisle of the 15th-century church. The commissioners of the fresco can be identified as the two commendators of the monastery of San Severo; Troilo Baglioni, former bishop of Perugia, and Cardinal Gabriele de’ Gabrielli of Gubbio, bishop of Urbino. A portion of the fresco went lost over the years, partly because of inaccurate historical restorations. In the center is a niche with a Madonna and Child in polychrome terracotta from a Tuscan workshop from the end of the 15th century.
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