Stories of the last days

Luca Signorelli ⠂Orvieto

Separation of souls
Dedication and punishment of the Antichrist
the damned in Hell
Elected in Heaven
Frescoes of the vault
Doctors of the Church
Self-portrait with Beato Angelico

Name: Stories of the last days

Year: 1499-1502

Technique: fresco

Storage place: Cappella di San Brizio o Cappella Nova

City: Orvieto

Area: GAL Trasimeno Orvietano

Curiosità: In 1447, Beato Angelico, who was in Rome at the time, was assigned with the fresco decoration of the chapel by the Opera del Duomo . It seems that the theme of the frescoes was decided on the advice of Angelico, who was after all a Dominican friar well prepared in theology. In September 1447 Angelico and his entourage left for Rome, perhaps intending to return to Umbria the following year. This did not happen and in 1449 the contract was most certainly cancelled. Gozzoli, who was in the city from July to December of that year, freed from his apprenticeship, tried unsuccessfully to have the job reassigned. The decorative program was stopped for at least forty years until an attempt was made to reach an agreement between Antonio da Viterbo known as il Pastura and il Perugino, whose conditions, however, were deemed too onerous. On 5 April 1499 the task of continuing the work was entrusted to Luca Signorelli, a painter from Cortona who was then active in Tuscany, Umbria and the Marches. After examination of the extensive documentation received, it is clear that he was chosen for economic reasons (the requested price was more discrete than that of il Perugino) and for his reputation as an efficient and rapid artist.
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